Let’s Encrypt (the free, automated and open certificate authority) has just announced its launch schedule. According to it, certificates will be released to the public starting from the week of September 14, 2015.

Their intermediate certificates, which were generated a few days ago, will be signed by IdenTrust. What this means is that if you browse a web page secured by Let’s Encrypt, you won’t get any scary message, but the usual green lock.

Green lock
You will see this...
Red lock
... not this.

In case you are curious: the root certificate is a 4096-bit RSA key, the two intermediate certificates are both 2048-bit RSA keys. But they are also planning to generate ECDSA keys later this year as well.

Technical aspects aside, this will be a great opportunity for the entire web. As I have already written, I always dreamed of an encrypted web, and I truly believe that Let’s Encrypt — or at least its approach to the problem — is the way to go.

So, will you get a Let’s Encrypt certificate when the time comes? I will do. Not for this blog (I can’t put a certificate without paying), but for other websites I manage.

Perhaps I’ll also show a “Proudly secured by Let’s Encrypt” badge.